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Sass up your style with shrugs

If there is one ladies outerwear with a world of fashionable possibilities, it is indeed the shrug. Wear it over a summer dress or team it up with a tank top- either way it spells style. A bright shrug thrown over a jeans and tee combo, is a sure fire way to add color to the outfit…. and to life!

A large range of shrugs- and even more ways to style them!

With the knotted Riot shrugs you can experiment with different styles- tie it like a bow, wrap it around, loop it. The style is only limited by your imagination! Add a dash of glamour to your dressing with the sequined mesh Avirate Shrug. The selection of online Elle shrugs, as also those from Nun, Color Cocktail and Deal Jeans spell simply fab.

Fashionara, for the fashion forward

At Fashionara.com there is a carnival of style. With an amazing variety at affordable prices, logging on to Fashionara means logging on to the best online shopping experience, ever. Now shopping is the retail therapy it was always meant to be, with the convenience of buying from the comfort of your own home. Get the latest fashion online at Fashionara!