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Loungewear: For sophistication and comfort

There is nothing quite like a relaxed Sunday afternoon. If there is anything that can make it better, it is stylish lounge or sleepwear that can do justice to the waking hours. Lounge in style with a range of bermudas and shorts. Team them up with stylish tees and a pair of lounge slippers. Who knows when that special someone rings the doorbell!

Fashionara, for a whole new lounge-wear wardrobe

Buy Hanes shorts for those chilled out days. The graphic prints of Tee Party shorts and track pants complement your casual mood. The K Mark Polo, Capri & Pajama sets are perfect to laze in. Levi, Daiki and more……..when it comes to lounging gear, there is a lot to choose from, at Fashionara.

Fashionara: To help you look your best

Come to Fashionara and you come to a world of style and fashion. Buy online, a whole range of products, that are stylish and yet affordable. With the convenience of shopping at your own time and leisure, shopping really becomes a therapy. At www.fashionara.com, there is never a dull moment.